What Is the Compatibility of a Scorpio Male and an Aquarius Female?

Scorpio and Aquarius are very different from each other in their perspectives on the world, levels of extroversion and sociability, and needs and wants. However, their passionate natures may make them a great match in an "opposites attract" type of relationship.

Aquarius and Scorpio see things differently and are very strong-willed people who rarely compromise. Aquarius tends to be stimulated by social interactions and is highly extroverted, while Scorpio is a deep thinker who is pensive, observant and intelligent. But these differences don't mean that a relationship between them is impossible. The Scorpio man likely is attracted to the powerful nature that Aquarius exudes at all times and her confidence in thinking that she can possess him. The Aquarius woman is attracted to Scorpio's ability to catch her off guard, but little shocks her. Aquarius, like Scorpio, is interested in and intrigued by the power and confidence that this potential mate brings to the table.

In a relationship between Aquarius and Scorpio, both parties seek closure and commitment if they feel have found a good partner, and they are ready to commit quickly. However, because Scorpio and Aquarius are so strong in their opinions and desire for power, this relationship may end on very bad terms for both parties.