What Is the Compatibility of a Leo Man and a Libra Woman?

A Leo man and a Libra woman are an awkward couple that takes effort from both parties to keep together. However, both signs are highly romantic and feel that falling in love is also about falling in love with oneself. Both signs are fun and social individuals who love to flirt and be admired widely.

Both Leo and Libra desire approval, and because they understand this characteristic, they give the proper amount of compliments to each another. A Libra woman is enchanted by a Leo man's self-confidence and admires the certainty with which he speaks. They have exciting dates together, full of high-spirited play and luxury. This pair have a difficult time understanding one another in disagreements, however, as Leo can be viewed as stubborn, and Libra is quite willing to compromise.

A Libra woman may feel thwarted in her attempt for balance in contrast with a Leo man's need to rule. This couple throws fun parties, and they create a large social network together. A Libra woman is supportive of a Leo man's creativity and offers clear and inspiring feedback. Although this pair have mutual respect for one another, the conflict between Leo acting out of instinct and Libra acting from her intellect can cause resentment in Libra.