What Is the Compatibility of Leo and Gemini?

Leo and Gemini are typically very social and could arguably be considered the two most playful signs of the zodiac. They are hyper-aware of how they appear together and love to date big by going to nice restaurants, themed parties or on unusual outings. However, Gemini can be flirty and can therefore make Leo jealous.

Leo wants to be pursued and craves devotion and intensity in a love affair. Gemini has a more light-hearted approach to love. In order for Leo and Gemini to remain compatible long-term, Gemini must curb his flirtatious nature, even though he craves social variety and many friendships. Leo must have a firm commitment from Gemini. Gemini can make this relationship fun and unpredictable for Leo, bringing out the kid in her. Leo has a solid sense of self, which can be quite attractive to the more unsettled Gemini. Together, they create a large network of friends and contacts. The upsides to this relationship include it being naturally enthusiastic, creatively self-expressive, socially curious, childlike and adventurous. The downsides to this relationship include it being riddled with personal drama due to the jealous nature inherent in Leo and manipulation by both Leo and Gemini of each other.