What Is the Compatibility of a Cancer Woman and a Libra Man?


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Cancer and Libra are two of the least compatible zodiac signs, but this doesn't mean that a relationship between the two can't work. Although it is difficult, the two signs' personality traits also complement each other well when two people work together with a goal in mind.

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Both Cancers and Libras desire peace and have a strong need to be with others, but they have very little else in common. This makes starting a relationship a tougher task than usual, as even though both have a strong appreciation for the beauty in life, there is typically not much of a romantic spark between them.

As they are both cardinal signs, the pair experiences frequent struggles for power or control of the relationship and decision making. Cancer women tend to be quite pessimistic, whereas Libras are often overly optimistic. Still, such differences are not always detrimental, because they allow each person to see things from a new point of view.

Water signs such as Cancer and air signs such as Libra typically don't make the best match, as Cancers are much more compatible with other water signs or earth signs. The two also think in opposite ways, with Libra being driven by rational thinking and Cancer reacting based mostly on emotion.

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