What Is the Compatibility of Cancer and Sagittarius?


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A Cancer and Sagittarius pairing is a difficult one, as a Sagittarius loves his freedom, and a Cancer prefers emotional commitment and security. In addition, a Sagittarius craves adventure and travel, and a Cancer is more of a homebody.

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These conflicts can be overcome by living a nomadic lifestyle using a mobile home to travel; this allows the Cancer to feel secure while the Sagittarius gets to explore.

Cancers are sensitive, and Sagittarius can be quite candid. When a Sagittarius speaks her mind, a Cancer partner can be emotionally hurt for a long time.

If other chart aspects are harmonious, it is possible that this pairing can lead to a relationship full of growth. Sagittarius can show Cancer how to live free from emotional anguish, and Cancer can nourish Sagittarius' spirit.

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