What Is the Compatibility of a Cancer Man and a Virgo Woman?

According to the zodiac, people born under the astrological signs of Virgo and Cancer are very compatible with one another. Both Cancers and Virgos are very intelligent and calm. This leads to a strong relationship built upon common sense and shared intellectual pursuits, rather than fleeting emotions.

The relationship between a Virgo and Cancer tends to be very well-grounded and strong. Because of the similarities in their astrological signs, both partners are very committed to each other and to their relationship. A relationship between people with this combination of signs can lead to a stable and long-term love that grows over time.

The partners can have their share of arguments, though, due to the critical nature of the Virgo and the Cancer's delicate, sensitive emotions. The stubbornness that is characteristic of Cancer can lead to problems with a perfectionist and equally stubborn Virgo partner.

Both Cancers and Virgos are very well-grounded and calm by nature, so any fights that occur between them are generally short-lived. This pairing leads to a very practical and hardworking couple that enjoys the fruits of their labors by obtaining high-quality possessions. They share a common goal of being prosperous in their endeavours and help encourage each other in all aspects of life.