How Do You Compare the Cost of Living in Different Cities?

How Do You Compare the Cost of Living in Different Cities? and offer calculators that let you compare the cost of living in two different cities. The calculators compare criteria such as the cost of food, housing and utilities to provide a detailed breakdown of the costs associated with each city.

AreaVibes gives an overall percentage difference in the cost of living between two cities. It also provides a rough estimate of how much a person must earn to enjoy a similar standard of living in each location.

AreaVibes then provides a list of price indexes for costs such as housing and health care. If the figure is below 100, then the cost is below the average for the United States. The difference between the two locations' costs is displayed as a percentage. More specific information is provided for each factor, such as the typical price for specific food items and utility bills.

Sperling's Best Places contains similar indexes and salary comparisons but does not include prices for individual groceries. However, it does identify the factor causing the largest disparity between locations, such as housing, and displays the difference in percentage for that factor.

Both websites offer the option to compare crime rates between two locations in a similar manner.