What Companies Offer a Complete List of Personality Traits?


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The ideonomy department at the Michigan Institute of Technology offers a comprehensive list of 683 adjectives describing personality traits at Ideonomy.MIT.edu. Additionally, a list of the 16 Myers-Briggs personality types, including detailed descriptions of their traits and how those traits interact, is also offered by PersonalityPage.com.

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The Ideonomy website divides its list of 683 personality traits into Positive, Neutral and Negative Traits at Ideonomy.MIT.edu; 234 traits, or 37 percent, of the words on the list, are labeled Positive, while 112, or 18 percent, are Neutral, and 292, or 46 percent, are Negative. Within each list, the words are organized in alphabetical order. The resource provides adjectives only and does not define the words.

Descriptions of the 16 Myers-Briggs types, which are formed through combinations of four sets of two opposite traits, are available at PersonalityPage.com. The four sets of traits are: introverted or extroverted, sensing or perceiving, feeling or thinking, and judging or perceiving. These traits are combined to form 16 different personality types, which are represented by combining letters associated with the traits: I or E, S or N, F or T, and J or P. For each personality type, the website defines the traits and how the traits interact with each other in a specific personality type.

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