What Is the Communication Process, and What Appears on a Diagram of the Communication Process?

The communication process consists of the steps taken to ensure the successful transmission of ideas between two or more people. A simple diagram of the communication process includes a sender, message, receiver and feedback in a circular flow chart.

The communication process is as simple as two people talking face-to-face or as complex as intricate social media sites connecting individuals from across the world. They all have the basic components of the communication process in common: sender, message, receiver and feedback. A sender needs to choose a message to send as the foundation for communication. From there, a method to send this message needs to be decided. Email, television and viral videos all are examples of a channel of communicating a message. The receiver has to be able to accept and decode the message in order for the communication to be successful. The connecting step in the communication process is the receiver sending feedback to the original sender. An example of this feedback is direct written or oral communication, including questions or comments.

The communication process is depicted as a circular flow chart to depict constant movement between the sender and receiver. If the process is disrupted, it is usually due to interference in the communication channel between sender and receiver.