How Do You Communicate With Spirits?


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Some methods to communicate with spirits include ordinary verbal communication, dowsing pendulums and Ouija boards. These techniques provide varying levels of communication with spirits and require different levels of experience.

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The simplest method of communicating with a spirit is simply to speak to it directly. This method can be effective for those attempting to convince a spirit to leave their home. Although you are unlikely to receive a response, talking to a spirit and requesting that it leave the home or stop causing a nuisance is often enough to be effective.

Two-way communication with spirits is a more complicated process. Experienced medium Helen Leathers recommends using a dowsing pendulum. A dowsing pendulum is a crystal attached to a short chain that is held in your dominant hand. The pendulum moves side to side or in a circle to indicate responses to questions. It is possible to use a dowsing pendulum to communicate with spirits, though the pendulum can only indicate yes or no answers through its movement. Dowsing pendulums are recommended for beginners as they require little psychic knowledge to use.

Ouija boards are less desirable and often make it more difficult to communicate with spirits. This is because Ouija boards serve to filter out communications from malevolent spirits. According to Helen Leathers, less-experienced users are likely to have better luck communicating using a dowsing pendulum.

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