What Are the Most Common Winning Powerball Numbers?

Some of the most frequently drawn Powerball numbers are 20, 37, 2, 31 and 35, and the most commonly drawn white balls are 42, 16, 35, 26 and 19. These numbers have the highest draw frequency, but getting winning numbers for the Powerball is still very rare.

One expert estimated that someone playing the Powerball has a one out of 146 million chance of winning, making it nearly impossible. The Powerball system is designed so that every number has an equal chance of being drawn, but some believe that this isn’t true.

The most common number drawn in the past 13 years is 20. In that time, 20 has been drawn 49 times. Yet while 20 and other white ball numbers have been drawn many times, like 32 and the aforementioned numbers, these numbers have never appeared together. Mathematicians say that this is pure luck as the balls have no memory and the numbers are always selected at random, where there is no room for human bias.

This hasn’t taken away from the gambling game’s immense popularity, which acquires a large amount of its sales during the holiday season. Strategists suggest that when picking winning numbers, people should stay away from common numbers that many players will pick. This will limit the chance that if they actually win, they won’t have to share their winnings with anyone else. They also recommend picking and staying with the same numbers every time.