What Are Some Common Welding Symbols?


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Some common welding symbols include the fillet weld symbol, which is a right triangle, and the square groove weld symbol, which consists of two parallel vertical lines. Another common welding symbol is the plug weld or slot weld symbol, which is displayed as a square shape.

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Welding symbols are used to represent the cross-sections in welding. The fillet symbol represents a fillet weld, which is used to make lap joints, T-joints and corner joints. As indicated by its symbol, the fillet weld cross-section is roughly triangular, but it is usually not an exact right isosceles triangle as it is in the symbol. The perpendicular leg of the triangle is drawn on the left side of a fillet symbol regardless of the actual position of the weld.

The field weld symbol consists of a flag extending from an arrow and tells the welder to complete the weld in another location, such as at the job site rather than the welding shop. The square groove weld symbol, also called the butt groove symbol, indicates a slight groove in the welding joint, caused by either a tight fit or by a separation of the welding joint's edges. V-groove welds are displayed using the letter V. V-groove welds are welds in which the edges of the welding joint are chamfered to create the groove.

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