What Are Some Common Weaknesses That People Have?


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Some common weaknesses that people have include experiencing nervousness when people are around and the inability to debate a belief. Another general weakness is the failure to organize the day.

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Displaying nervousness when others are present is easy to adapt in life. This may happen because of the effects of social media, such as texting, tweeting and Facebook. Because of this, people become accustomed to the lack of personal communication between one another. Therefore, when it is time to speak or interact in public, they endure nervousness. However, while some people express their opinions without hesitation, many find it difficult to communicate in this way. For example, some individuals stay quiet at work while others voice their beliefs. This can negatively affect those who are silence in the workforce.

Many people do not have a daily pattern. Therefore, they have not perfected the skills of structuring tasks and getting them done, so they may struggle the entire day. Since this weakness affects job performance, when a person interviews for a new job, the individual should project a positive disposition in this area. The applicant can do this by showing employers a method to overcome disorganization and show them ways that make it easier to organize a task.

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