What Are the Common Views of Teachers on Trinity Broadcasting Network?


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The Christian faith is the core view shared by teachers on the Trinity Broadcasting Network. Shows on the network represent a variety of types of Christianity, most of which fall within the Protestant, Catholic or Messianic Jewish forms of the faith. The promotion of traditional family values and patriotism are other popular views among teachers on the network.

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The Prosperity Gospel is another common view held by many personalities on the network. This concept teaches that viewers who donate to ministries receive rewards from God because of their donations. Other teachers on the network disavow this belief.

Many pastors on the network promote a non-denominational version of Christianity, including Joel Osteen, Benny Hinn and Paula White. Presenters who promote the views of the Protestant form of Christianity include Billy Graham, David Jeremiah and Robert Jeffress. Many programs focus on the interpretation of Biblical principles and the necessity of Christian values in everyday modern life.

The network consists of numerous television channels. Programming includes church services, interviews, music and news, as well as original movies and shows that highlight elements of the Christian faith. Programs tailored for children and teens seek to teach core moral values common to teachers on the network, such as honesty, diligence, respect and pride in the United States.

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