What Are Some Common Types of Dreams and What Do They Mean?

Some common types of dreams are running from something or someone, representing anxiety or unaddressed problems in life, and dreams about water that represents the state of a person's real-life emotions. In addition, vehicles are common dreaming topics that stand for the direction a person thinks her life is taking, while paralysis in a dream means that a person feels a lack of control in her life.

When a person dreams that she is running, she is often metaphorically running from what she sees as a real-life problem. A dream of this type often indicates that the person has an unaddressed problem. Similarly, in a dream, if water is cloudy, it means that the person's life is cloudy and confusing. Clear, calm water in a dream indicates that a person has serenity in her daily life, and stormy water means the person suffers from upheaval in her life.

Vehicles appear in dreams in many different forms, such as planes, cars and trains, but all vehicles symbolize a dreamer's direction in life. The vehicle may stand for the direction that a person feels her life is headed, or it may indicate the amount of control that a person feels she has in her life. In a dream, a vehicle often highlights the challenges that a person feels she faces in life.

During the deep state of sleep that causes dreaming, a form of paralysis prevents a person from acting out the movement in her dream. Sometimes, this deep state of sleep overlaps with more conscious phases of sleep and leaves a person believing that she suffers paralysis in her dreams. In addition, a person who experiences paralysis in a dream may feel as though she is not in control of her life.