What Are Some Common Trees Native to Florida?

There are over 300 trees native to Florida, including the live oak, pond cypress and red maple. There are only 12 species of native palm trees in Florida, including the cabbage palm, royal palm and silver palm.

The live oak, Quercus virginiana, is a long-lived, fast-growing native that dominates the landscape of many Florida regions. The tree typically grows upwards of 60 feet in height, and the canopy can extend as far as 100 feet horizontally with its massive lateral branches. In most of Florida, the tree maintains a green canopy year-round, giving rise to the tree’s common name.

The pond cypress, Taxodium ascendens, is closely related to the native bald cypress, both of which are easily recognizable for the “knees” growing up from the roots, often protruding above the surface of the shallow bodies of water in which they commonly grow. Pond cypress produces seed cones like all gymnosperms in the Pinophyta division. However, this tree is among the few deciduous gymnosperms, and it drops its entire canopy of needles in the autumn along with most oaks and maples.

The red maple, Acer rubrum, is a native species of maple that can be found growing throughout most of the continental United States. The species is a durable, fast-growing tree reaching 75 feet in height. In fall, red maple leaves change to all hues of orange, red and yellow.