What Are Common Topics of Online Sermons From Seventh-Day Adventists?

Common topics of online sermons from Seventh-day Adventists are the Sabbath, end-times, health, marriage and family, and Christian behavior. Emphasis is placed on topics which encourage strengthening relationships with God, the community and family.

Common online sermon topics reflect the founding and distinct beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist church. As the name suggests, the two central beliefs are worshipping on the seventh day (Saturday) and expecting the second advent of Christ, which is why two common sermon topics are the Sabbath and end-time prophecy.

Sermons on health are common because Seventh-day Adventists believe being healthy helps have a better relationship with God. Members avoid stimulants such as alcohol and tobacco, most are vegetarian, and many are vegan. Adventists also believe the family reflects the love and respect God has for people, which is why many sermons are dedicated to marriage and family.

While Adventists do not believe salvation is gained by works, they do believe that making right choices is a way of showing love and respect in their relationship with God, so many sermons discuss Christian behavior. This includes ways to help the community, being a positive influence in relationships with others, fighting social injustices, and providing international aid.