What Are Some Common Themes for Palm Sunday Sermons?

Some common themes for Palm Sunday sermons include the meaning of the palms, the significance of Jesus riding in on a colt, the singing of "Hosanna!" and Jesus weeping over the city, indicates Examiner.com. Other themes include faces in the crowd and the expectation of the crowd, states SermonCentral.

The palm branch was a symbol for triumph and victory. The Gospel of John describes a crowd of people laying out palm fronds down in Jesus' path as he rode into Jerusalem on the first Palm Sunday. It was customary in the Near East, in biblical times, to cover the path of a person who was worthy of high honor.

Jesus rode the colt of a donkey into Jerusalem, which may have symbolized his coming in peace, as opposed to being a war-waging king that would come riding a horse. Zechariah 9:9 had predicted that the coming king of Israel would ride into the city on a donkey colt.

The expectations of the crowd when they saw this were different than what actually happened, according to Bible Gateway. The crowd had nationalistic expectations, believing Jesus would literally be crowned king in Jerusalem, when in fact he was coming to sacrifice himself.