What Are Common Signs of a Heart Attack in Women?

Alexandra’s Sunset Photography/Moment Open/Getty Images

Common signs of a heart attack in women include pressure or pain in the midsection of the chest, numbness and discomfort in one or both arms, jaw, neck, back and between the shoulders, stomach ache and the need to vomit,difficulty inbreathing, clammy skinanda fainting sensation, as depicted by an onlinechart presented at Women’s Health. Chest pain is alsoa typicalindication of a heart attack in men.

Chest pain is the most frequently observed sign of a heart attack in women, according to Women’s Health. The feeling of discomfort can either be moderate or intense. The pain may also linger for a few minutes or it can subside and then come back. However, there are instances whenwomen can have a heart attack without experiencing chest pain, as claimed by Dr. Nieca Goldberg, medical director at Langone Medical Centery atNew York University.

Compared to men, women often develop other symptoms of a heart attack that are unrelated to chest pain, according to the American Heart Association. These signs are often vague and confusing, as women generally associate heart attacks with severe chest pain. Other indications include exhaustion leading up to an attack, acid reflux, heart palpitations, coughing and lack of appetite.

Symptoms may occur rapidly or develop gradually over time. Physicians strongly recommend calling for help and getting to a medical facility immediately,if women experience any of these signs, as stated by Women’s Health.