What Are the Most Common Rules for Mormon Teens?

Other than attending services regularly and showing respect for adults, most of the common rules for Mormon teens center around dating. At 16, teens are allowed and even encouraged to date, as long as they do not become involved in exclusive relationships. They must go to places that their parents and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints approve of and refrain from sexual behavior.

Double or group dating is preferred. Teens are not considered ready for an exclusive relationship until they reach college age and then only if mature enough for marriage.

At the age of 19, men are expected to leave home for at least two years and go on a Church mission. Women may pursue an optional mission once they turn 21. During this time couples may not contact each other, which causes many relationships fall to apart.

Teens must only date people of the Mormon faith. Even at 16, this is a hard and fast rule. When it's time for college, the Church encourages teens to attend Mormon colleges, such as Brigham Young University. If attending school elsewhere, the Church asks young adults to participate in Mormon youth groups.

When it does come down to marriage, whether as a teen or an adult, the parents of both parties and Church leaders are consulted. Mormons tend to marry younger than the general population,