What Are Some Common Problems of Teenagers?

common-problems-teenagers Credit: Petar Chernaev/E+/Getty Images

Teens have a number of problems or challenges, but many of them stem from the natural process of shifting focus away from parents and onto peers. Teens go through physical, mental and emotional developments that can lead to unpredictable attitudes and behaviors. Major problems for many teens arise from peer pressure and rebelling against household rules.

The pressure to perform academically, athletically and socially overwhelms many teenagers. Depression, eating disorders and bullying are a few of the significant mental health obstacles faced by many. At the extreme, these problems can damage confidence and relationships with peers and potentially lead to harmful behaviors. Poor nutrition and lack of exercise are also prominent challenges for teens.

Exposure to cigarettes, drugs, alcohol and sex also present problems. Many teens aren't mature enough to understand the ramifications of drugs and alcohol. They go to parties, give in to peer pressure and consume too much. Drinking and driving and other risky behaviors are possible when under the influence.

Trying to balance school work, extracurricular activities and a social life is another major problem. Some teens lose focus on school because they work too much or get too focused on social experiences. Others get overwhelmed by the pressure to maintain balance.