What Are Common Problems With the Subaru Tribeca?

Common problems with the Subaru Tribeca include improperly positioned front door latch cables, and shuttering or vibrating when accelerating. A 2006 Tribeca owner sued Subaru, alleging the 2006 models have hood latch defects that allow hoods to open while the vehicles are moving, and other 2006 Tribeca owners report similar experiences. Subaru recalled more than 1,500 model year 2010 Tribecas to repair the front door latch defect. The automaker offers a revised transmission torque converter to stop the vibration problem.

In March 2010, Subaru recalled about 1,585 of its 2010 Tribeca sport utility vehicles built from Sept. 4, 2009, through March 8, 2010, to correct defective positioning of the front door latch cables. When closing or opening a window, a cable may catch in the door glass regulator. As a result, it may unlatch the door, which can open without warning, or it may make the latch inoperable. A passenger may be ejected from the vehicle or be unable to exit the locked vehicle, or the driver can become distracted and have an accident. Subaru dealers repair the defect for free by repositioning and securing both front door latch cables.

In 2015, plaintiff Marion Hadley filed a federal lawsuit against Subaru, alleging it produced the 2006 Subaru B9 Tribeca with defective hood latches. While driving her Tribeca at 65 miles per hour, Hadley saw her hood fly open unexpectedly and slam into her windshield, covering her with glass. Other owners have filed complaints with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recounting the same experience. The suit alleges that Subaru was aware of the hood latch problems because it built the 2006 Tribeca hood using plastic clips, but used bolts in the 2007 model. About 18,000 model year 2006 Tribecas could be defective.