What Are Some Common Problems Reported by Chevrolet Cruze Owners?

As of 2016, common problems reported by Chevrolet Cruze owners include transmissions not shifting correctly, coolant leaks and throttle lag. In 2014, Chevrolet recalled Cruze vehicles for problems including defects in transmission shift cable adjusters, engine block heater cord insulation and driver-side front airbag inflators. Owners of Cruze vehicles, including the 2011 1LT 1.4-liter, LT 3.2-liter V6, LT 1.8-liter and Cruze LT 4 Turbo models, report experiencing transmission hesitation, jerking, violent jumping, and slipping in first and second gear.

Owners of the 2011 Chevrolet Cruze have reported transmission hesitation problems to dealers, but dealers tell them there is nothing that they can do. The problem occurs in automatic transmission vehicles still under warranty, with vehicle mileage ranging from less than 22,000 miles to about 72,000 miles. The vehicles are located throughout the United States and in foreign countries.

In February 2014, Chevrolet issued a recall of model year 2014 Cruze vehicles for dealers to inspect and replace transmission shift cable adjusters for free. The transmission shifter can fail and cause inaccuracies in the shift indicator because the transmission shift cable adjuster can detach from the adjuster. The recall covers fewer than 400 vehicles.

Cruze owners filed a class-action lawsuit in New York State in 2014 against General Motors alleging the automaker hid the fact from owners and the public that it had installed defective radiators that leaked antifreeze. Owners smell antifreeze burning and noxious fumes in their vehicles.