What Are Some Common Problems That Occur With Frigidaire Upright Freezers?

Problems you might see in Frigidaire’s upright freezer range include loud rattling noises, a door that won’t shut, moisture forming inside or outside, temperatures beyond the normal range and freezers that won’t turn on or never stop running. Any one of these issues can be annoying, but most have simple fixes.

A rattling noise may occur if the freezer is off-balance or touching a wall. You can level the freezer or try moving it away from contact with walls or other items. A door will not shut if the freezer is off-balance or the door is losing its shape. You can level the freezer or try forcing the door into position, as it is meant to be flexible. You might also need to replace the gasket around the door if it has become damaged. Moisture forming on the inside or outside of the freezer may be due to the door being left ajar or opened often. It can also be the result of placement in a sunny area. Make sure you minimize browsing and place your freezer appropriately. Temperatures outside the normal range or a freezer that continuously runs may have many causes, including a door that won’t shut, extensive browsing or an improper temperature setting. Try resetting the temperature and then leave the unit alone for 24 hours to allow the temperature to normalize. If that doesn’t work, try the fixes above. If your freezer doesn’t turn on, you either need to reset the control button inside the device or check that you’ve plugged in the unit and that your electrical fuses are working.