What Are Some Common Problems With the Jaguar XK8?

Common problems with the Jaguar XK8 include incorrect clearance between the accelerator and the brake pedal, difficulty opening and closing the convertible top, and a weak center armrest cup holder. Jaguar issued a vehicle recall in August 2005 for dealers to replace the accelerator pedal assembly in affected vehicles, which corrects the clearance problem. Jaguar XK8 owners have experienced other common problems, including 60,000-mile automatic transmission oil changes, and engine overheating due to stuck thermostats and failed water pump impellers.

Jaguar assembled the accelerator pedal arms on some of its XK8 cars improperly, which reduced the space between the brake pedal and the accelerator. The lack of space can cause a collision because a driver might step on both pedals at the same time unknowingly. The improper spacing can also cause the pedal to stick on the pedal stop.

The cup holder in the front center arm rest of the Jaguar XK8 is made of a material that breaks easily, and when it does, vehicle riders cannot close the cup holder assembly. Owners of cars that Jaguar manufactured in model years 1997 through 2006 have reported the problem in cars with about 35,000 to 123,000 miles.

Flushing the old fluid and substituting new fluid solves the convertible top problem.