What Are Common Problems With the Ford F-150?

The most common problems reported by owners of the Ford F-150 pickup truck are that the windows do not roll up correctly and that the engine produces a knocking noise, according to car repair statistics website CarComplaints.com. Additionally, some 2014 and 2015 F-150 models are under recall as of September 2015 for problems with the truck’s steering and air bag systems.

Ford F-150 pickups constructed for the 2004 model year are the most susceptible to problems with the power windows of the vehicle. In most cases, the power windows of one or more of the doors become stuck in the halfway position and cannot be fully rolled down or up. Many owners report solving this problem by replacing the window regulator, but some owners report multiple failures of this part in the same truck. The regulator design used on the 2006 and later F-150 appears to be more reliable than the unit used in the most affected models.

F-150 pickups that develop knocking or grinding noises are usually fitted with the three-valve version of the Ford 5.4-liter V-8 engine. Many owners note that the cam phasers of this engine tend to develop problems at higher mileages, causing issues with the engine’s timing and potentially serious damage to the engine’s camshaft. Often expensive to fix, problems related to engine noise have an average cost of between $3,500 and $7,000 dollars as reported by many owners.

Owners reported a total of 65 separate types of problems with the 2013 Ford F-150, including brake and drivetrain problems and problems with the engine, electrical system and heating and air conditioning systems.

The 2012 Ford F-150 experienced numerous engine problems, mainly centered on loss of power while accelerating, the engine light staying on, and the engine misfiring under hard acceleration. Other problems experienced with the model year include brake and transmission problems, problems with the fuel system and steering issues. The truck’s cooling system also malfunctioned, and there were problems with the suspension and electrical system, issues with the exterior and interior accessories and problems with the lights on the truck.