What Are Some Common Problems With Dometic RV Refrigerators?

Warped door seals and clogged condensation drains are common problems with Dometic RV refrigerators. Other problems including faulty thermostats can occur.

To determine the problem with a Dometic RV refrigerator, owners should first check and ensure the fridge is receiving the proper voltage. RV refrigerators should be running on 110 volts; a multimeter comes in handy for checking this. Owners should use the multimeter by hooking it up to one of the heating element wires. If the device fails to read the proper voltage, the element needs replacing.

If the refrigerator is cold, but not cold enough to keep foods safe, users should check the door seals to ensure they are in good conditions. If the seals are cracked or not allowing the door to close tightly, cold air can escape and prevent the fridge from maintaining an optimal temperature. An easy way to check the gaskets is to close a dollar bill into the door. After closing the door, users can pull gently on the bill. If it comes free without resistance, the door is not sealing as it should. The seals can be replaced by ordering parts from the manufacturer.

After troubleshooting and fixing the issue with the refrigerator, users should leave the door closed for several hours before retesting the temperature.