What Are Common Problems Associated With Samsung Sound Bars?

According to reviews on Amazon.com, some common problems associated with Samsung sound bars are tedious setup, issues with HDMI connectivity, weak sound and compatibility issues with many TVs. Problems sound bars universally pose are sub-par performance of virtual surround sound and the need of a separate remote.

The most common issue faced with Samsung sound bars is their lack of compatibility with many TV sets. Reviewers state that these sound bars do not give a performance commensurate with their prices. The fact that settings are reset on power off is another common complaint.

One of the issues with most sound bars is that they don’t have a front-panel display. This prevents a user from knowing how high the volume is or what input he has selected. Internal speakers of most TVs have to be disabled when using a sound bar. So, the TV might display an onscreen message about the speakers being disabled.