What Are Some Common Personality Traits Among Middle Siblings?


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Middle children tend to be socially adept, trusting and cooperative, they're usually able to see things from different points of view and can be excellent negotiators. A middle sibling is more likely to avoid conflict than other siblings. He or she might be very skilled at manipulating people. Although middle siblings tend to have lower self-esteem than first, only or youngest children, they are also less likely to develop overblown egos.

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Middle children can be ambitious, but they usually are driven to pursue ideas or justice rather than money or prestige. Lech Walesa, the great Polish labor leader, was a middle child, as was Egyptian President Anwar Sadat. Middle children Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela and Susan B. Anthony rose to leadership in a drive for justice. Fifty-two percent of U.S. Presidents, including Abraham Lincoln, have been middle children.

Because they had to find their own way in the family, middle siblings can be trail-blazers in their fields. Middle children such as Bill Gates, Charles Darwin and Madonna have paved the way in business, science, and the arts.

Because middle siblings can get overlooked at home, they often build close relationships outside the family and tend to be very loyal. George Burns, famously devoted to his beloved wife Gracie Allen, was a middle child. Contrary to popular belief, middle children are not forgotten wallflowers. They carve out their own places in the world.

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