What Are Some Common Personality Traits?

Many psychologists posit that there are five categories of major personality traits: extraversion, openness, conscientiousness, agreeableness and neuroticism, reports About.com. Studies find that these traits are universal across many cultures and rooted in biology. Although people face diverse situations, they usually respond according to their basic underlying personality traits.

People who have the personality trait of extraversion tend to become empowered in social situations, according to LiveScience. They are usually assertive, excitable, cheerful and talkative. Those low in this trait prefer to be alone or in small groups. People with openness enjoy new experiences, adventures and novelties. They display curiosity, are imaginative and have an appreciation for art.

Those with the trait of conscientiousness are disciplined, dependable, well-organized and have a sense of duty, explains LiveScience. They are often successful at work and at school. People low in this trait tend to be spontaneous and careless. People with agreeableness are kind, warm, trusting and compassionate. Women judge men who are agreeable to be better dancers, but agreeableness at work seems to be a disadvantage in men.

People with neuroticism tend to have many worries that often lead to anxiety and depression, cautions LiveScience. They often have health problems, smoke, drink alcohol and die younger than those with more stable personality traits.