What Are Some Common Occurrences of the Number Six?


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Common occurrences of the number six are found in pop culture, such as a character in the book series "Lorien Legacies" and in the television series "Blossom," and in sports, including the decision by several sports teams to retire the number 6 jersey in honor of people who had previously worn it. Frequently appearing in history, the number six plays a notable role with The Birmingham Six and the Six Dynasties in China.

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The numeral six has several religious connotations, including the six points on a Star of David, a symbol of Jewish culture and identity, and the six orders of the Mishnah, which is the first major work of the Rabbinic literature. There are six symbolic foods placed on a Passover Seder Plate: karpas, maror, z'roa, charoset, chazaret and beitzah. According to the Old Testament Book of Genesis, Yahweh took six days to create the world, and in Islam, there are six articles of belief.

There is an amusement park entity called Six Flags, and "six" is a slang term for the British Secret Intelligence Service. There are six dots on a Braille cell, and a "six pack" refers to a package of six bottles or cans of beer and a person's prominent abdominal muscles. People claim that there are no more than six degrees of separation from any two people and there are six cardinal directions: east, west, north, south, up and down.

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