What Are Some Common LG Dishwasher Problems?

Andrew Howe/E+/Getty Images

Common LG dishwasher problems relate to drainage and constant error codes, although customers have noted drainage as the most common. Poor drainage prevents dishes from drying and leaves unwanted residue in the unit after a wash cycle.

With a drainage problem, consumers should check the drain hose to see if it is clogged. However, consumers have stated that the drainage issue is usually not related to the drain hose or the drain pump. As a result of the drainage issue, mold development in the unit’s interior is common.

Error codes IE and LE are also regular issues with LG dishwashers. The IE error code relates to water levels at the beginning of a cycle. With insufficient water levels, the unit cannot complete a wash cycle. In winter, cold weather and low temperatures can freeze water in supply lines, causing the problem. Water supply should be adequate once temperatures rise above freezing.

The IE error code also indicates that temperature levels are not high enough. Moreover, the LE code relates to motor malfunction. You can turn off your circuit breaker to reset the unit. If this approach does not resolve the issue, you should contact an LG service technician. More information relating to LG error codes is available on the company’s official website.