What Are Some Common Keyboard Shortcuts for Symbols?

Gary John Norman/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Some keyboard shortcuts for symbols on the Microsoft Standard English keyboard include Alt and 0128 for the Euro currency symbol and Alt and 0131 for the florin. For Macintosh users, some keyboard shortcuts include Option and 1 for an inverted exclamation mark and Option and S for a German sharp.

On the Microsoft Standard English keyboard, users should first ensure the Num Lock key is on. To insert a symbol successfully, they may type the numbers while holding down the Alt key. Macintosh users should ensure they are holding down the Option key as they press the other keys.

Other shortcuts on the Microsoft Standard English keyboard are Alt and 0153 for the trademark symbol, Alt and 0166 for a broken vertical bar, Alt and 0169 for the copyright symbol and Alt and 0215 for the multiplication sign. Some symbols have more than one shortcut, such as the Yen currency symbol, which can be typed using either Alt and 0165 or Alt and 157. Another symbol with more than one shortcut is the division symbol, which can be inserted using either Alt and 0247 or Alt and 246.

Macintosh users can make use of the built-in Keyboard Viewer to make typing the symbols easier. Windows users can make use of the Character Map.