What Are Some Common Guardian Angel Symbols?

Common guardian angel symbols include depictions of the angel's appearance including angel shapes, wings, flames and swords. Additional guardian angel symbols are representations of the angel's caretaking and guardianship, such as white feathers, pennies and butterflies.

Symbols of power often signify guardian angels. The outline of an angel is a common representation. An outline of a guardian angel may appear in clouds, bubbles or other moving forms.

Wings often symbolize guardian angels because they represent transforming to a higher essence or moving to a different world. Similarly, swords often symbolize guardian angels because they are an indication of power. Alternatively, a light is another common angel symbol because a light demonstrates the angel's spiritual essence.

Small, tangible objects also symbolize guardian angels. Some say that guardian angels often leave pennies for the people they care for. Pennies are a symbol of angels because they represent care, concern and value for the person who finds each penny. Some say that angels throw pennies from heaven when they want to turn a person's frown into a smile.

Similarly, a white feather is a symbol of a visit from a guardian angel. A white feather symbolizes a blessing from the angel. Some say that a white feather signifies a reminder from a guardian angel of the angel's presence to help the person through a time of need.

Butterflies also symbolize the presence of a guardian angel. These animals come from guardian angels to reassure those who encounter them that their loved ones remain nearby to help those that remain in the world. Some also say that butterflies come from guardian angels to tell humans that deceased loved ones are safe.