What Are Some Common Features of Fairies?

What Are Some Common Features of Fairies?

Common features of fairies are their small size, ability to fly, possession of magical powers and a proclivity to interfere with humans. Fairies are tiny supernatural beings that have been part of folklore for centuries.

Fairies are mischievous, enchanted creatures who love to play jokes and may bring luck or do harm to humans. They are also known as pixies, sprites or leprechauns, which are male fairies. The most famous leprechaun is Lucky, the mascot for Lucky Charms cereal.

Many children believe the Tooth Fairy leaves money in exchange for baby teeth left under their pillow. Brownies are friendly fairies who appear at night to do housework. Tinker Bell, the fairy from Peter Pan, is perhaps the most famous fairy in popular culture.

Ancient Druids believed in fairies as a way to explain the mysteries of the natural world. In ancient Celtic folklore, fairies were seen as earthbound angels assigned by God to watch over nature and animals. Some cultures believe fairies are doomed spirits of the dead or fallen angels. Stories of fairies became known as fairy tales.

Wiccans and pagans believe fairies and leprechauns live on an astral plane, half on earth and half in the spirit world, and only appear to those who believe in them.