What Is a Common Cuban Costume?

Rumba-style dresses are commonly worn Cuban costumes that are often customized into formal wear, such as wedding gowns, and are also used to entertain tourists, according to Sara Elliott on HowStuffWorks. A common traditional piece of Cuban clothing is the guayabera shirt, which is also called a Havana shirt, cigar shirt or Mexican wedding shirt.

Rumba-style dresses are influenced by foreign fashions, including Latin styles and Afro-Cuban influences, explains Elliott. Latin clothes, such as ruffled skirts and bright, embroidered shirts and blouses with exaggerated sleeves, made a distinct mark in Cuban fashion. A popular Afro-Cuban garment that has transitioned to Cuban fashion is the African head wrap or bandanna.

The guayabera shirt has a chic yet laid-back look. It consists of a dress-style collar and buttons, two or four front pockets and two groups of pleats on the front and back. Men wear it loosely, with slits a few inches up the side. The feminine version of this shirt is the guayabera dress, which is a long, loose and lightweight. The common, daily wear of most Cubans typically includes T-shirts, loose-fitting tops, skirts, shorts, casual slacks or jeans. They often wear loose, casual clothing made of natural fabrics, such as cotton and linen.