What Are Some Common Club Car Problems?

Common Club Car problems include failure to charge and issues with solenoids failing to click. This results in Club Cars not starting.

One problem common with Club Carts is failure to charge, notes Golf Link. Leaving on the lights or accessories of the Club Car could result in the battery draining, leaving the Club Car without power when it comes time to start it. Make sure that the batteries are allowed to charge sufficiently before use. If problems with the battery persist, check the connections around them, using thick gloves and taking precautions against battery acid. Batteries can be found under the Club Car seat. However, the Club Car is generally reliable and durable.

Solenoids are the number one problem in electric cars like Club Cars, says D&D Motor Systems. Larger diameter tires, as well as larger motors and controllers, create the need for bigger amperage draw to give the vehicle its initial inertia. This can create problems. Loose connections can also occur, whether in the speed switch, motor, F&R switch and solenoids. This cause heat buildup and can also result in solenoid failure. Solenoids and lead battery posts can melt if the problem is bad enough. Keep connections clear to avoid these issues.