What Are Some Common Characteristics of Love Spells?

What Are Some Common Characteristics of Love Spells?

Colors that are associated with love and passion are often featured in love spells. Items that represent the person casting the spell and the desired target are also frequently included in spells to attract love.

Sometimes a personal belonging of the desired person is used. A piece of the intended target’s hair is especially powerful and is frequently called for in love spells. When personal items are not available, many spells include items that represent the potential mate. Dolls or poppets made to resemble the object of the caster's affection are considered an acceptable substitute when it is impossible to include that person's possessions or hair in the ritual.

Rituals frequently include engraving the name of the sought-after person into a candle and then burning the candle while meditating or praying. Many spells include a prayer to one or many gods or goddesses that the practitioner believes might help achieve the desired outcome.

Often included are herbs, stones, colors and scents that are associated with love or passion, though practitioners may differ in their choice of associations. Many spells use candles that are red or pink and essential oils with scents that are associated with romance, such as lavender and rose.

Bodily fluids are a common ingredient in many spells from older traditions. Many cultures believe blood is a bonding agent and a powerful ingredient in magic.