What Are Some Common Characteristics of Aquarians?

Some common characteristics of Aquarians are they are liberal, creative, truth-seekers, affectionate and friendly. Attractiveness, popularity, rebelliousness and unpredictability are some other characteristics of Aquarians. Aquarians are also humanitarians. A negative characteristic of Aquarians is some people can't relate to them. A characteristic that can be both positive and negative is frankness.

Some people can't relate to Aquarians because they don't open up emotionally too quickly. Frankness can be both positive and negative because being honest is a great thing, but being honest about something that is very sensitive can be cruel and hurt people's feelings. Aquarians believe in human rights. They are also good communicators when they stay in their mental realm. People born between Jan. 20 and Feb. 18 are Aquarians.

The symbol on the zodiac chart is either a water bearer or a water pitcher. They are often involved with several clubs or organizations, and they like intellectual conversations. Aquarians are prone to nerve problems, insomnia and restlessness. They also need to be careful of addiction. Their lucky days are Saturday and Sunday and their lucky colors are blue, blue-green, gray and black. Some famous Aquarians are Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein, Alicia Keys, Michael Jordan and Thomas Edison.