What Are Some Common Causes of Pain Around the Waistline?

Marcela Barsse/E+/Getty Images

Pain around the waistline has a number of underlying causes. Pain around the waist or lower abdomen may be a symptom of back muscle strain, constipation or kidney stones, according to HealthHype.com. Determining the exact location of the pain may help narrow down possible causes.

If the pain appears in the lower back, it may be muscle-related. Back pain due to lumbar strain may be caused by overuse or improper use of the lower back muscles, according to MedicineNet. If the pain is more severe and concentrated in the lower back or side, it may be due to kidney stones, according to PDRHealth.

If the pain is concentrated at the front of the lower abdomen or waist, it may be caused by minor digestive issues, such as constipation or trapped gas, as detailed on HealthHype.com. Pain in this location may also be related to menstruation.