What Are Some Common Causes of Anger?


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Some common causes of anger include stress, financial problems, abuse, frustrating situations, and difficult social or family environments, according to PsychGuides. Six commonly accepted forms of anger are chronic anger, passive anger, overwhelmed anger, self-inflicted anger, volatile anger and judgmental anger.

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Chronic anger is prolonged feelings of anger that can eventually affect the immune system and contribute to other psychological disorders. Passive anger is difficult to recognize, as it presents with self-sabotaging behavior, apathy, meanness and sarcasm. People with passive anger tend to repress it, thus making it harder to identify.

Overwhelmed anger is caused by a person's life situations that become too difficult for them to handle. Self-inflicted anger is anger directed at oneself and may have guilt as an underlying cause. Judgmental anger is often caused by resentful feelings and is directed toward another person who is perceived to be the cause of those feelings.

Volatile anger is characterized by incidents of excessive anger as well as violence. People who experience this type of aggressive anger may be aware of their feelings, but do not necessarily understand why they have them. They may redirect the anger toward a scapegoat. People with this type of anger may physically damage property or other people.

Psychologists typically recommend counseling and anger management for those who have difficulty controlling their outbursts.

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