What Are Some Common Card Reading Meanings?

What Are Some Common Card Reading Meanings?

Some common tarot card reading meanings include beginnings or foolishness in the Fool, intuition or hidden agendas in the High Priestess, good luck or bad luck in the Wheel of Fortune and victory or aggression in the Chariot, notes Biddy Tarot. A typical tarot card deck contains 78 cards, including 22 Major Arcana or "trump" cards. The reading of these cards is based on whether they appear upright or reversed.

If a tarot reading contains primarily Major Arcana Tarot cards, it typically means the client is experiencing life-changing events, notes Biddy Tarot. If many appear reversed, it can mean the client is not paying attention to the events.

The Fool is the only unnumbered Major Arcana Tarot card. When upright, it can be read as innocence, spontaneity or that the client has a free spirit. A revered card is interpreted as naivety, risk-taking or recklessness.

The Magician is the first numbered card. When upright, it can mean skill, power, action or resourcefulness. If the Magician appears reversed, it can mean poor planning or latent talents.

The Star card contains interpretations related to spirituality. When it appears upright, it is interpreted as inspiration, renewal and hope. When it is reversed, it means despair or lack of faith.

Other common meanings for tarot card readings include love or disharmony in the Lovers, restriction or letting go in the Hanged Man and disaster or fear of change in the Tower, notes Biddy Tarot.