What Are Some Common Airbag Fault Codes?

Some common airbag fault codes include code numbers 12, 13, 14, 21, 22 and 23. Each of these codes has a different meaning and can be discovered by running an airbag diagnostic on the vehicle in question, then counting the number of flashes produced by the airbag indicator, which will produce the fault code for any faulty airbags in use.

Airbag fault code number 12 refers to the battery voltage being low. Code number 13 informs the driver that the airbag circuit has been either short-circuited or grounded.

Code number 14 states that the short circuit of the airbag is on the primary crash sensor circuit. Code 21 refers to the airbag not being properly mounted. Code 22 informs the driver that the safety sensor output has been shorted, and code 23 states that the safety sensor output is open or grounded.

Airbag diagnostic codes can run all the way up to code 53. Code 24 means the output feed is open. Codes 32 to 35 inform drivers of certain issues with the airbags on the driver and passenger sides. Codes 41 to 45 address problems with the RH and LF primary crash sensor. Becoming familiar with each of the 53 airbag codes is essential to vehicle safety.