What Are Some Comments on Ezekiel?


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Ezekiel is a book in the Bible written by a prophet of that name who lived in exile in Babylon. Ezekiel writes about several visions he received from God that tell of God's judgment on Israel during a historical period in which Jerusalem was destroyed.

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The book of Ezekiel begins with a vision of four creatures with faces that were part human and part animal, feet that resembled hooves, wings, and human hands. This vision appears to reveal heavenly creatures to Ezekiel as God calls him to become a prophet.

The first 24 chapters of Ezekiel reveal God's judgment against the Israelites who have turned away from God and have worshipped idols. These prophetic warnings during the fall of Jerusalem served to draw Israel back to worshipping God. In chapters 25 through 32, Ezekiel warns surrounding nations of God's judgment on them for their part in Israel's demise. The final chapters of the book describe God's restoration and redemption of Israel.

One well-known theme in the book of Ezekiel is the use of the phrase "Son of Man." Some of Ezekiel's visions are thought to describe events that will come in the final days of Earth, with Jesus being referenced as the Son of Man who saves God's people from destruction.

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