What Is the "Come Holy Spirit" Prayer?


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"Come Holy Spirit" is a Roman Catholic prayer for guidance. Worshippers can recite the prayer privately or with the leader reciting the verse and the others in the group providing the response.

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"Come Holy Spirit" begins with an invitation for the Holy Spirit to fill the hearts of the faithful and to light the fire of God's love in their hearts. Worshippers then ask God to send the Holy Spirit to create believers to renew the earth. The worshipper then acknowledges that God instructs his people through the Holy Spirit, and he ends the prayer by asking God to make him as wise as the Holy Spirit and give him the ability to rejoice in the Holy Spirit's consolation. "Come Holy Spirit" is a simple, direct prayer for worshippers to ask God to give them the Holy Spirit.

The Catholic Catechism discusses the "Come Holy Spirit" prayer in 2670 to 2672. The catechism teaches that no one can say that Jesus is Lord except for the Holy Spirit. The Catholic church advises believers to reach out to the Holy Spirit daily, especially at the beginning and end of important actions. The catechism defines Christian prayer as believers communing with the Holy Spirit and advises that although each worshipper prays differently, the same Holy Spirit acts with all worshippers.

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