What Are Come Common Dream Symbols and Their Significance?


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Falling is one of the most common dream symbols and signifies fears that exist in real life. A fall that causes injury stands as a warning of rough times ahead, and freely falling points to a relational disappointment.

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The significance of cars or automobiles in a dream depends on a variety of accompanying factors, such as the identity of the driver, the age of the vehicle and whether it is in good condition or in need of repair. Riding in a car means the start of a new life plan. The car breaking down warns that someone who seems to be reliable is not worthy of trust.

Dreaming about water is also common, with calm waters meaning good times ahead and rough waters suggesting that caution should be taken. Water symbolizes knowledge, refreshment and spirituality. Boiling or dirty water denotes emotional turmoil. Immersion in muddy water indicates a situation that seems threatening and overwhelming. Clear water in a dream denotes rejuvenation and peace of mind.

Dreams involving blood imply the need for caution when interacting with strangers or enemies. However, dreams about death are not necessarily negative and may suggest a transitional life phase where change requires moving beyond past experiences to embrace a new beginning.

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