What Do the Colors of the Cambodian Flag Mean?

The blue bands in the Cambodian flag represent royalty, while the red band in the middle represents the Cambodian people. In the center of the flag is a white emblem of the towers at Angkor Wat, which represents religion.

The Cambodian flag was initially adopted in 1948. In 1970, a new flag was used, signifying the reign of the Khmer Republic. That flag was used until 1975 at which time a flag representing the Democratic Kampuchea took its place. That flag featured two horizontal blue stripes with a red band across the middle. At the center was the Angkor Wat tower symbol in yellow.

After Cambodia established its independence in 1993, the original flag was again adopted. The center emblem of the towers was changed from yellow back to white. Although various designs based on the original 1948 flag have been used, all have included the temple of Angkor Wat.