What Colors Are Associated With Each Sign?

colors-associated-sign Credit: a. v. ley/Moment/Getty Images

Some astrological traditions bring colors into the mix when considering the characteristics of each astrological sign. While the exact colors said to match with each sign may vary by source, these colors are generally determined to match with each sign's unique characteristics, such as the fiery, forceful Aries matching with the color red.

Similarly, the earth sign Taurus is typically associated with colors that frequently occur in the natural world, such as blue, brown and green, while regal colors such as orange and purple are said to suit Leos, which are represented by the lion. Depending on the astrologer, people from different signs may be encouraged to wear or work with specific colors, with some astrologers even recommending that certain signs wear specific colors on specific days.

Other potential color matches include green or different shades of yellow for Gemini; gray, green or light blue for Cancer; navy, taupe or green for Virgo; pink, yellow, black or red for Libra; dark red or brown for Scorpio; ultramarine, olive green and orange for Sagittarius; brown, black and gray for Capricorn; purple, silver and blueish green hues for Aquarius; and yellow, white or lavender for Pisces. Astrologers who give color advice may also give other fashion tips based on one's astrological signs.