What Color Robes Do Priests Wear?


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The color robes priests wear changes throughout the year and may also vary depending on their activities. For example, they wear white for everyday office work, but change their robes to black when performing masses for the dead.

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What Color Robes Do Priests Wear?
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In addition to wearing white in their offices, priests wear white at Easter, when celebrating elements of the Lord that are not his passion, on certain saint days and when holding masses that celebrate the Virgin Mary. When it comes to marking the passion of Christ, they change their robes to red, and this includes masses held on Easter Sunday. For everyday masses, priests tend to wear green.

As well as wearing black when holding masses for the dead, priests may don violet. Violet is also worn during Advent and Lent, aside from the third and fourth Sundays when they change to rose. The aim of changing a priest's robe color is to help Christians feel a sense of progress throughout the year, and each color bears significance to the events they are holding masses for. For example, the everyday color green represents everlasting hope, whereas white is a symbol of joy, innocence and resurrection. In contrast, both black and violet represent mourning and sorrow, whereas red symbolizes the suffering of Christ and his apostles.

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