What Does the Color Orange Symbolize?

The color orange symbolizes many things, including enthusiasm, happiness, attraction, stimulation, encouragement, success, fascination and creativity. It is often associated with heat, sunshine and joy. It is a product of the happiness and lightness of yellow combined with the energy and passion of red.

Orange, especially the citrus color, is associated with food, hunger and appetite. Along with the food idea, orange is also a color of the harvest. For this reason, it is used to promote food and food products. Part of the success of this advertising method is due to the fact that orange is a bright, eye-catching color. During heraldic times, when families and clans had specific coats of arms and colors, orange was used as a symbol of strength and endurance.

Different shades of orange have slightly different meanings. For instance, dark orange symbolizes distrust and deceit. A red-orange color has many elements of the energy found in the color red. It not only symbolizes a thirst for action, domination and aggression, but it also corresponds to pleasure and passion. Gold, on the other hand, is a sign of wealth and prestige. It implies a sense of high quality. Along with wealth, gold also symbolizes wisdom.